Meet Our Team

Nicki Katimi

Dental Assistant
Nicki Katimi is one of our amazing dental assistants and is often seen helping out at our front desk. She has been a part of our practice for over three years and considers working here the best choice she ever made. Nicki loves making people happy through dental assisting and helping her patients accomplish whatever they need.

Currently, Nicki is also a student working toward becoming a dental hygienist. She lives at home with her parents, two sisters, and brother. Her family is extremely supportive and Nicki feels very grateful and blessed by their encouragements and efforts to help her achieve her dreams.

Maegan Italiano

Expanded Function Dental Assistant

Working to help each patient achieve a healthy, gorgeous smile is what our dental assistant, Maegan Italiano, loves to do! She has been working in the dental field for over twelve years and finds her work incredibly rewarding. There is nothing quite like seeing a patient’s beautiful smile and knowing you are the reason that patient has a smile they love to share.

Maegan feels truly blessed with a wonderful family. Meagan’s husband, Tyler, is a detective for the FPD. Together, the couple has two beautiful children, Allie and Gabriel.

Stacy Howlett

Patient Coordinator

Bio coming soon.

Sonja Ketcherside

Dental Hygienist

Bio coming soon.



Official Greeter

What do I do? My job is to greet everyone, make everyone happy, and make people feel right at home!

Education: I don’t have any formal education, but I make up for it in training from my master.

Favorite spare time: I enjoy bacon, treats, playing ball, and a good back and belly scratching.