Laser Dentistry

Advanced Dental Laser Technology in Florissant

laser dentistry St Louis dentist Hazelwood MOIn the United States, the use of lasers for dental procedures was first practiced in the 1990s and has proven to be a safe and desirable option for dental care.  Laser dentistry utilizes specialized instruments that produce intense concentrated beams of light.  This focused heat energy can target any area in the mouth and can be used for a variety of dental procedures with great effectiveness. Ask our laser dentist at Koch Park Dental about the types of dental health treatments that are provided using this same method.

What Are The Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry makes certain kinds of dental treatments easier for patients and Florissant dentist Dr. Buchheit alike.
There are many benefits to laser dentistry at our Florissant dentist office near St Louis, including no annoying drill!  Some laser procedures reduce the need for anesthesia, and numbing injections and allow patients a more relaxed, less painful dental experience.  Laser procedures are more precise than drilling and can reduce symptoms and healing times of more traditional therapies.  Because of the cauterization of tissue during laser treatment, there will be little bleeding and less swelling after soft tissue procedures.  Our laser dentist office near St Louis and Hazelwood bonds fillings more securely than traditional techniques and won’t stress or crack teeth like conventional drills can.  Laser treatment also reduces the amount of bacteria in diseased gum tissue and tooth cavities and reduce the risk of infection.

Laser dentistry procedures can be used for:

  • Activation of whitening gels
  • Reshaping the gums
  • Cavity detection
  • Removal of soft tissue
  • Certain dental fillings
  • Dental crown lengthening
  • Reduction of inflammation associated with TMD
  • Reduction in tooth sensitivity

Worry Free Dental Care – No Drills Needed!

No hand held scalpel, no drills, no other tools and no worry! At Koch Park Dental near Hazelwood MO we minimize the pain often associated with dental treatments. This means you can plan your visit to our dentist in Florissant in comfort. No need to worry or stress with laser dentistry. Ease your tooth pains and relax as we provide dental procedures to problem areas.

Koch Park Dental offers laser dentistry services to treat soft tissue and detect cavities. Contact us if you live in the Hazelwood MO, St Louis or Florissant area to see if our laser dentist treatment would be a good option for you.

Koch Park Dental offers laser dentistry services to treat soft tissue and detect cavities.  Contact us to see if laser treatment would be a good option for you.