A Noteworthy Dental Experience

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When Dr. Martin Buchheit walks into the room, you know instantly your smile will be in capable hands.

Here at Koch Park Dental – Martin L. Buchheit, DDS we see patients for anything from fillings to cosmetic dentistry to cleaning requests. Having your teeth cleaned can be just as critical as addressing cavities and taking care of cosmetic dentistry needs. Dr. Buchheit treats every patient like a celebrity to be valued for just being themselves and doing their best with dental hygiene.

We are well-versed in Invisalign, restorative dentistry, dental implants, root canals, porcelain veneers, and all things dental. We’ll answer your questions about veneers, bridges, crowns, braces, and anything else you want to throw at us. Please visit our website http://www.kochparkdental.net/about-us/ to learn more.

Our dental practice address is 2149 Charbonier Rd, Florissant, Missouri 63033. Our outstanding staff work very hard to preserve our reputation as world class, clean and friendly, untarnished and singular. We don’t just walk away after our procedure is executed. We follow through with special instructions, follow up appointments and careful monitoring. Preventing complications is a top priority.

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Unexpected Stress? Don’t Forget Your Smile

Dental Health for Florissant Dental Patients

When you suddenly have to juggle extra balls, some are bound to get dropped. Perhaps you are going through a divorce or became the caregiver for an ailing parent. Perhaps you took on a second job or started night school to earn an advanced degree.

Not every stressor is negative. A new baby, marriage, career, or move can be exciting but overwhelming. It’s okay – and sometimes helpful – to drop some of the balls. You can probably let another parent take over room mother duties for a few weeks, forego a haircut, or skip poker night until things calm down.

When life hands you extra challenges it is easy to get lax about dental health. Sometimes you feel too exhausted to brush or floss and skip regular check-ups and cleanings. Dr. Martin Buchheit wants to remind you to look at the possible consequences of neglecting your smile.
1. Tooth decay
2. Gum disease
2. Tooth and gum pain
3. Bad breath
4. Infection
5. Tooth loss

Your plate is already full – you don’t want to add poor oral health and the associated expense and inconvenience required to treat advanced problems.

Let the car go unwashed for a few weeks. Record your favorite show to watch later when things slow down. Postpone that kitchen remodel. But keep your smile healthy – it really will make your life easier, healthier, and happier.

Koch Park Dental – Martin L. Buchheit, DDS in Florissant provides gentle, comprehensive dental care for the whole family. Our services include:
restorative dentistry
dental implants
root canals

Dr. Buchheit is a member of Crown Council. You can learn more about Crown Council at http://crowncouncil.com/. If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while, we invite you to call us at 314-837-7744 and schedule an exam and cleaning. Our thoughtful team will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. There is no need to feel ashamed about plaque build-up or a cavity. We completely understand how stressful life can get and love helping our Florissant area patients get back on track.

You don’t know dental family until you’ve been here.

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2149 Charbonier Rd
Florissant, Missouri


Overbites And Underbites in Florissant

Invisalign Available For Florissant Residents When the upper part of the jaw and the lower part of the jaw are not the same size, bite problems can occur. When the lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw, it is called an overbite. When the reverse is true, it is called an underbite. Another related alignment disorder is called a crossbite. Crossbites occur when lower teeth are in the wrong position. They may be incorrectly positioned sideways, forward or backward.

Malocclusion (literally ‘bad bite’) is the term used for all types of bite problems including overbites, underbites and crossbites. Jaw alignment disorders can cause a range of problems and often prohibit proper chewing and/or swallowing. Teeth can shift around in the mouth, causing even more discomfort or difficulty. Gum disease and tooth decay are also harder to prevent because proper oral hygiene can be difficult with a malocclusion. TMJ disorder can develop over time. Distorted facial shape and unattractive teeth are often the most noticeable and troubling issues for those affected.

Fortunately, there are a variety of effective treatments for bite problems. If you suspect your child has a bite misalignment, it is especially important to have them examined as early as possible. By starting early, you can make sure they avoid years of pain and self-consciousness.

Call Koch Park Dental – Martin L. Buchheit, DDS at 314-837-7744. dentist Martin Buchheit, DDS is experienced in diagnosing bite disorders in patients of all ages. Dr. Buchheit is also very experienced with Invisalign clear braces and he can also see if you or your child is a candidate. We can create a successful treatment plan for you. We also perform general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry for St. Louis area dental clients.

-Koch Park Dental – Martin L. Buchheit, DDS